Free Band Flyer Templates

There are countless websites which promise to provide free band flier templates but end up forcing you to click on a bunch of ads that ultimately gets you nowhere.

Basically, what musicians want is a source of free templates in order to quickly promote shows, which often times come at last minute notice.  The problem with a bunch of band fliers that are available online right now is that they simply suck.  Basically, what musicians want are creative looking templates for shows which span different genres and would appeal to their fan base.  Let's face it though- does the old fashioned band flier concept even work anymore?

In the age of facebook and twitter posts, the old fashioned notion that printing up a bunch of promotional  fliers about a big show you have coming up will probably not get any additional people to your show.  One upshop is that is will spread the word on your band and probably increase name recognition.

So the art which bands really want to get their hands on should be templates which would be placed outside of areas close to their venues in order to drum up some interest for people wanting to go to their shows.  Another way that band fliers can actually work is if you simply place then in areas of familiarity, such as a college campus or high school, where people already know who you are.  Again, always go for the lowest hanging fruit and work backwards.

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